Routine Audit Reveals $67K in Fraud by BREC Employee

In the course of a routine audit examination, BREC’s Internal Audit Department stumbled upon an approximated misuse of $67,000 through a company-issued purchase card by an employee over several years. The suspect had exploited a BREC-issued card to finance his personal business activities.

Superintendent Corey K. Wilson of BREC expressed his sentiments on the matter, stating, “While it is satisfying that our Internal Audit department was able to detect and bring to a halt this grave misappropriation of public funds, which the East Baton Rouge parish residents have entrusted to us, it’s equally distressing and embarrassing that these improper transactions evaded our pre-established safeguarding systems.”

“Upon unearthing this financial malfeasance, we swung into action promptly. The person implicated is no longer a BREC employee, we’ve initiated a police report, notified the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA), and plan to bring the former employee implicated in this fraudulent act to justice. Additionally, we will mete out appropriate disciplinary action against any staff members who did not comply with our internal control measures adequately. To avert such misappropriations in the future, we will persist in reassessing our procedures, including the allocation and usage of purchasing cards,” Wilson further elaborated, underscoring their unwavering commitment to their fiduciary duty to the taxpayers of EBR Parish.