The data for this page is pulled from Open Data BR and broken down, then published in an easier to read format here.

The Crime Incident data located on the Open Data BR website depicts a reasonably accurate snapshot of the locations of certain types of crimes reported to the Baton Rouge Police Department over the time period referenced in the “about” section of this data set or filtered view. In simple terms, a computer program searches all the police reports entered into our system each day and looks for certain statute violations. Once those particular violations are identified, the locations of the crimes are then extracted and interfaced with the Open Data BR site. The data is automatically updated daily via this automated process. As is the case with any automated statistical reporting, however, the process is not perfect. Quicker posting speed inevitably means sacrificing the degree of accuracy that comes with more extensive review and verification. In addition, crimes will not appear as part of this data set immediately when they’re reported, but rather once the report is entered into the department’s computer system and validated by the responding officer’s supervisor, which may take several days.

Please see the full disclaimer for this data from the Baton Rouge Police Department here.