Zachary Police Department Seeking Evidence Officer

This is a competitive position that requires a passing score on a civil service written examination.


A written examination will be given in approximately ninety (90) days, on a competitive basis to approved applicants for the purpose of placing names on the competitive employment list for the class of EVIDENCE OFFICER in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law and the rules of the City of Zachary Civil Service Board.

Application forms may be obtained from DANA LEJEUNE, the Secretary to the Civil Service Board, at


Completed applications and the required attachments must be received by DANA LEJEUNE, at 4700

MAIN STREET. ZACHARY, LA 70791 by July 28, 2023.

Approved applicants will be notified of the exact date, time, and place of the examination at least five (5) days prior to the examination date.


Unless otherwise specified, all requirements listed below must be met by the filing deadline for application for admission to the examination.

Must meet all requirements of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law, including being a citizen of the United States and of legal age.

Applicant must possess one of the following: high school diploma, high school equivalency certificate, high school transcript, affidavit from the issuing high school, associate or bachelor’s degree, or college transcript, any one of which must indicate that graduation has occurred, or a degree awarded. Any Louisiana applicant who presents a home study diploma shall submit necessary documentation indicating Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) approval of the home study curriculum. Non-Louisiana applicants shall be required to present proof of completion of a high school curriculum which has been accredited by the applicant’s state, or its state-approved agency. A certificate of completion shall not be sufficient to substitute for a diploma or equivalency certificate.

Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Must not be less than twenty-one (21) years of age.

After offer of employment, but before beginning work in this class, must pass a physical examination, the selection and administration of which shall be authorized by the Appointing Authority, designed to demonstrate good health and physical fitness sufficient to perform the essential duties of the position, with or without accommodation.