Zachary Woman Arrested After Hitting Officer With her Vehicle

On August 3rd a little after 5pm a Zachary Police Officer was struck by a vehicle that was fleeing the scene of an investigation.

According to reports, officers went to a residence in the city to investigate a battery complaint called in by a 16-year-old boy. The boy stated his mother’s boyfriend committed battery on him.

Jennifer Smith, the boys mother, refused to disclose her boyfriends location, when investigators questioned her regarding the incident. She also initially refused to identify herself and ordered investigators off of her property. The report states that Zachary Police Officers know Smith from previous incidents.

As officers were obtaining a statement from the complainant, the garage at the home opened and Smith proceeded to back out of it in her Ford Fusion. Officers ordered her to stop. Smith refused and officers attempted to block the driveway. At that time Smith drove into her neighbors driveway, across the yard and fled the scene.

One officer was hit by Smith’s vehicle twice as she backed out of the driveway. He suffered a sprained ankle as a result of the impact.

Investigators pursued the vehicle but lost sight of it on Hwy 64 a short time later. It was spotted later on Hwy 64, turning onto Knight Drive, at which time an officer attempted to pull the vehicle over. Smith refused to stop for a short time but eventually complied and pulled over near Fox Hunt Drive. She would not exit the vehicle afer being orderd to do so and refused to provide identification. Eventually officers broke her passenger side window and forcefully removed her from the car. She continued to resist arrest until she was finally taken into custody.

Smith was charged with Battery of an Officer, Criminal Trespassing, Resisting an Officer and Flight From an Officer.

She was transported to EBR Parish Prison where she was later released after posting a $10,100 bond.