Woman Charged For Allegedly Beating 86-year-old Because She Was Out of Wine

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office has arrested Diana Barkate, 57, Baton Rouge after Barkate allegedly held down an 86-year-old woman, twisted her arms and punched her repeatedly.

Diana Barkate Baton Rouge Mugshot
Diana Barkate

According to reports, Barkate went into the victim’s room around 3:00 AM and asked the victim if she had any wine. The victim explained to Barkate that she did not have any wine in the house at which point Barkate became angry with her and held her down. The victim told investigators that Barkate also started “twisting her arms and punching her stomach.” The victim stated that she attempted to defend herself by kicking Barkate but Barkate grabbed the victim’s feet and started to twist them. The victim stated that this went on for some time before Barkate finally left the room.

Investigators noted in the report that the victim had bruising on her wrists and her left leg.

The victim went on to state that later that night around 8:30 PM, Barkate again asked her for wine, to which the victim replied she did not have any and she was not going to buy any. Barkate responded by saying, “Well, I will be in your bedroom again tonight.”

The victim notified a family member who contacted law enforcement and drove to the victim’s home.

Barkate was charged with a single count of Domestic Abuse Battery and transported to EBR Parish Prison. She was being held in lieu of a $7500.00 bond at the time of this article.