Sheriff Releases Statement Regarding Law Enforcement for St. George

EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux has released an official statement correcting the misinformation contained in a recent flyer. The flyer was mailed to citizens in the unincorporated portion of East Baton Rouge Parish which is being voted on for incorporation next month. The flyer included an incredibly juvenile, yet not unexpected scare tactic which questioned law enforcement protection in that portion of the parish, should the vote pass and that area become incorporated.

The intentional misinformation was mailed out by Richard Lipsey’s “Put Louisiana First”, described as a “non-political public interest organization” on the very flyer that Lipsey mailed out. The flyer was littered with blatant inaccuracies including citing the population in the city of Central as 11,000.

A 3-second internet search proves that to be false as the actual population in Central is approximately 28,000. Lipsey corrected this error and re-uploaded his flyer, still filled with a plethora of misinformation.

Here is the quote from Sheriff Gautreaux regarding the scare tactic printed on the flyer:

As Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the parish, the Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services throughout the entire parish. My primary responsibility is to the unincorporated parts of the parish as they have no other means of protection. The area you are inquiring about is currently an area in which the sheriff’s office currently provides all law enforcement protection.  Meaning, we currently have deputies and manpower dedicated to that area and currently we handle all the calls and law enforcement services to the area. If the residents voted to incorporate the area as a city, then I would continue to provide those same services. If the residents wanted additional law enforcement services, then we would do this as an extra-duty assignment as we currently do with the city of Central. I’m a public servant first and foremost and I’m here to serve the community in any way I can.

Sheriff Gautreaux