Mother of Man Wanted in Attempted Theft From Elderly Female Arrested

The mother of Jacob Tom, wanted for allegedly attempting to steal money from an elderly Denham Springs woman, has been arrested in connection to that crime.

Vickie Tom

According to a report, the Denham Springs Police Department contacted the State Police in reference to a recent attempted theft. In that case, a man is accused of attempting to steal money from an Alzheimer’s patient by convincing her that she owed him $3,000. The man drove the woman to a local bank and attempted to cash a check, however, the bank teller declined the transaction. Family members notified authorities of the attempted theft, which was caught on a security camera at the bank.

Last week an image of the man was shared by authorities on social media which revealed the man’s identity, Jacob Tom of Denham Springs. An arrest warrant was issued for Tom but he reportedly fled the state and has not been seen since the attempted theft.

Jacob Tom

Detectives, through research in the case, discovered an address on Rhus Fringe Drive in Baton Rouge. They went to the address on August 31st and contacted a female there, who identified herself as Vickie Tom, Jacob’s mother. She told detectives she knew why they were there but that the entire thing was a big misunderstanding and that she hadn’t spoken to her son in several days.

Investigators told her that her son had 2 active felony warrants out for his arrest and that she should contact them if she heard from him. She provided Jacob’s cell phone number and her cell phone number to investigators.

Call records were later pulled from Vickie’s cell phone which revealed that she spoke to Jacob after detectives made contact with her and that she has spoken with him numerous times every day since the incident occurred.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Vickie Tom for being an accessory after the fact. She was arrested and booked into Parish Prison on September 16th, 2019.