Female Arrested for Serving Child’s Father With Fake Custody Documents

A Baton Rouge female has been arrested after allegedly forging a family court judge’s name on a fabricated custody document earlier this month.

According to a warrant, Meagan J. Pitre, 24, Baton Rouge, presented the father of her infant child with the document which she allegedly made herself. The warrant states that two weeks prior to the incident, Pitre’s mother contacted the child’s father requesting he take custody of the child as she was tired of caring for the child during Pitre’s “repeated extended absences.” The father told investigators that Pitre had been depriving him of visitation of their child at the time Pitre’s mother contacted him.

Meagan Pitre

Approximately one week after he got the child from Pitre’s mother, Pitre contacted him and demanded he return their child to her. She stated that he would be served with papers if he did not.

On September 5th, Pitre and a male subject arrived at the father’s house. The male subject identified himself as an “officer” and they presented the father with what appeared to be official court documents which authorized Pitre to take the child. The father complied as he thought the documents were official. It was later learned that the male was not an officer, but was an ex-boyfriend of Pitre’s.

Family court was contacted about the document. Once they realized it was a forgery the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office was notified. Attempts to contact Pitre were unsuccessful and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

She was located and taken into custody on September 12th. Pitre was charged with a single count of Injuring Public Records and transported to EBR Parish Prison.