Deputies Arrest Man Accused of Battering Officer and Paramedic Supervisor

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested Chad Daugherty, 42, Baton Rouge after he allegedly spit in the faces of deputies and kicked a door into an EBR EMS Paramedic Supervisor, after spitting on her.

According to reports, an EBRSO Deputy on routine patrol, observed an altercation in progress in the 6600 block of Siegen Lane. The deputy witnessed a white male, later identified as Daugherty, flailing his arms at the victim and shouting “Fuck you, you fucking niggers!”

Chad Daugherty

The deputy intervened and learned that Daughterty threw a rock at the victim’s vehicle and cracked his windshield. The victim pointed at and identified Daugherty as the suspect. At that time Daugherty then fled the scene on foot. The investigating deputy followed in his marked EBRSO unit and caught up with Daugherty near Rieger Rd. He attempted to take Daugherty into custody but Daugherty resisted and began to fight the deputy. Bystanders helped the deputy take Daughterty into custody at which point he spit into the eye and mouth of the deputy.

EMS was called to the scene to evaluate Daugherty and clear him for transport to the Parish Prison. Daugherty demanded to be taken to the hospital but an EMS supervisor told investigators that he was ok to be taken straight to jail. Daugherty kicked the car door into her and spit into her face.

A facemask was placed on Daugherty and he was placed into the deputy’s unit. He was transported to EBR Parish Prison and charged with Criminal Damage to Property (Simple), Resisting an Officer (2 counts), Battery on an Officer, Simple Battery and Battery of Emergency Medical Personnel.

The investigating deputy drove himself to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital to be checked out, per suggestion by paramedics.

Daugherty has previous arrests in December of 2013 for Burglary and Theft of Assets from Aged/Disabled Person, April of 2016 for Trespassing and Remaining After Being Forbidden, September of 2016 Remaining After Being Forbidden and Resisting an Officer, July of 2017 for Remaining After Being Forbidden, Resisting an Officer, Battery on an Officer and Intimidation of an Officer, July of 2018 for Simple Battery and Resisting an Officer, January of 2019 for Simple Burglary and Resisting an Officer and July of 2019 for Trespassing, Resisting an Officer and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.