Baton Rouge Rapper/AC Repairman Arrested For Allegedly Burglarizing Customer’s Home

A not-so-well-known rapper, who is also an AC repairman in Baton Rouge has been arrested again, this time for burglary.

Hansel Temple, 39, allegedly broke into the home of one of his customers and stole multiple items including checks and credit cards.

Hansel Temple

According to a report, the victim stated that while he was out of town he received a notification from his American Express account that a charge of $3210.00 was was made at the L’Auberge Casino. When the victim returned to his home he found that it had been burglarized and his front door was unlocked. He stated that the entire house had been rummaged through and his American Express card, Chase Bank checkbook, gold coins, a diamond bracelet, a Dell laptop and several items of clothing were all missing from the residence.

Authorities learned that Hansel had recently performed repairs for him and still had a key to his house. They contacted Chase Bank and learned that a check was cashed there made out to a Harry Temple. The casino provided photos of a white male, later identified as Temple, using the stolen credit card at one of the ATMs inside.

A warrant was issued for Temple on charges of Simple Burglary of an Inhabited Dwelling, Bank Fraud and Forgery. Temple was found to have been incarcerated in the Ascension Parish jail at the time the warrant was signed in East Baton Rouge.

Temple was in the news in September for writing a rap song in which he threatened a woman. In the song, he mentioned the woman by name and threatened to harm her and her family. He was charged with Cyberstalking in that incident and Issuing a Worthless Check in an unrelated incident.

He is being held at the EBR Parish Prison in lieu of a $9500 bond at the time of this article.