Baton Rouge Man, 20, Arrested for Hit and Run, 2nd Offense DWI

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate a hit and run accident that occurred on Abertay Avenue on Saturday evening.

Stephen Bienvenu

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a resident in the 8600 block of Abertay witnessed a vehicle crash into another vehicle which was parked on the street. A white male, later identified as Stephen Bienvenu, 20, Pollard Pkwy., Baton Rouge, exited the vehicle from the driver’s side to observe the damage. The witness stated Bienvenu had his hands on his head and was “cussing.” He told the witness that he was uninjured. The report noted that the crash caused the airbags in Bienvenu’s vehicle to deploy.

Bienvenu then jumped into his crashed vehicle and sped away. The witness got into her vehicle with her husband and followed him to a nearby address in the 500 block of Greenwich Drive. Bienvenu jumped out of his vehicle and ran inside the house wearing what the witness described as an LSU shirt and a pair of jeans. The witness called 9-1-1 and notified law enforcement about the incident.

The witnesses stated that a short time later Bienvenu emerged from the residence, dressed differently, “and began to talk to them like nothing ever happened.”

Deputies arrived and contacted Bienvenu. The report states that Bienvenu had bloodshot eyes and appeared intoxicated due to his upper body sway and slurred/stuttered speech. When asked to perform a Standard Field Sobriety Test, he refused. When asked if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, Bienvenu told deputies that he may have consumed some alcohol at a tailgate party earlier and hadn’t consumed any since he arrived at his home. When asked why he didn’t stop after the accident Bienvenu told deputies he refused to tell them what happened until after speaking to his father.

Investigators arrested Bienvenu and transported him to the LSU Police Department. There they discovered that he had a previous DWI arrest in September of 2018 by BRPD and that his driver’s license was currently suspended. Bienvenu refused a chemical test and requested an attorney.

He was charged with 2nd Offense DWI, Hit and Run, Failure to Report an Accident and Expired Driver’s License. Bienvenu was transported to EBR Parish Prison early Sunday and was released a short time later.