Taser Deployed on Students at Baker High School During Fight

Chris Nakamoto at WBRZ is reporting that a school resource officer had to deploy his taser yesterday at Baker High School after unsuccessfully attempting to stop a fight between 4 teenagers.

The teenagers were all arrested and booked into the juvenile jail facility at the EBRSO. Charges ranged from disturbing the peace, interference with the operation of a school and simple battery.

Baker High School Fight
Baker High School Fight

According to the report, an administrator attempted to stop two students from exchanging punches. While the officer was pulling the students apart a third student jumped in and started attacking the other students. In the video posted on WBRZ a student can be seen hitting the officer in the back as the crowd pushed and shoved.

Eventually, a school resource officer arrived and deployed his taser. One student is heard yelling “You got me” as he is hit by the spikes. A teacher near one of the students was also struck by one of the prongs but appears to be ok.

The article at WBRZ states that two of the teens involved in the fight lived outside of the Baker School District zone and have been expelled from the school. The two other teenagers were suspended.

Watch the video at WBRZ.